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Behind the Spec is a series introducing the diverse team helping bring to life Atonarp's vision of unlocking molecular insights.

Erik joined Atonarp in March 2022. He reports to Shaun Holt and lives in San Diego, California.

Please share a bit about your training and professional background prior to Atonarp.

I earned a BA in History and a law degree in the ‘90s. I was an attorney in Massachusetts for a few years, but wanted to participate in the deal making rather than papering the deal. I jumped at the opportunity to co-found an internet company in the 1990’s. The business and distribution deals I was able to close made a big impact on our growth… and was really, really fun. I was hooked forever after on business development and have done this for20+ years at big (EMC, GE, ThermoFisher) and small (West Health, Mesa Biotech)companies.


Please tell us a little bit about your role.

I joined Atonarp as Vice President of Business Development and am responsible to drive nonlinear revenue growth via partnerships with parties. These deals could involve co-development, distribution or partnerships with academic institutions. My focus will be aligning with R&D, Marketing, Sales and Regulatory to engage the right partners at the right time to accelerate our organic growth.


What drew you to join Atonarp?

The people I met, the promise of near-term revenue from the ASTON mass spectrometry platform and the audacity and disruptive potential of the ATON multi-laser optical spectroscopy platform.


What qualities does a person in your position need to possess?

I think there are several ingredients required for success in a BD role.

1)     Curiosity to constantly learn about our technology and the changing landscape in which we both compete and collaborate.

2)     Creativity to find non-obvious solutions, structures and partnerships that deliver outsized results.

3)     A collaborative nature and approach, which quickly develops trust and helps to negotiate successful win/win collaborations. It’s better to grow the collective pie rather than fight over the size of each fixed slice).

4)     And a healthy dose of paranoia to keep you on your toes and on the lookout for unforeseen risks and opportunities.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I have a 16-year old daughter and a 14-year old son.  As they get closer and closer to going to college, my wife and I take every opportunity to go to a sporting event (my son plays water polo) or attend a performance (my daughter does Irish Step Dance, Debate and Robotics).  When not chauffeuring or cheering, I like to read and bike.

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