Walden Riverwood Ventures

A team of successful chief executives, investment experts and technology visionaries, Walden Riverwood Ventures has disrupted multiple industries in the technology space and helped create some of the largest companies in the world, both as direct leaders and as investors.

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), a unique public-private partnership aimed at promoting innovation and enhancing the value of businesses in Japan, was launched in July 2009.

Leveraging the rich history of Japanese technological prowess, INCJ aims to provide financial, technological and management support in order to promote the creation of next-generation businesses through “open innovation,” or the flow of technology and expertise beyond the boundaries of existing organizational structures.

Innovative Venture Fund Investment

The aims of the "Innovative Venture Fund" are to be a venture fund that contributes to improving Japan’s industrial competitiveness, in both domestic and international fields of technology with future prospects and technical capabilities, and to establish, discover and nurture technology venture companies oriented towards changing market paradigms through groundbreaking innovation or breakthroughs on the world market.

Nipro Diagnostics, Japan

Nipro Diagnostics develops affordable, easy to use and high-quality diabetes monitoring solutions and products that deliver a high level of accuracy, precision, safety and performance. Today they have become the leading supplier to retailers in the USA and to a growing international audience.

Analog Devices Inc.

ADI enables our customers to interpret the world around us by intelligently bridging the physical and digital with unmatched technologies that sense, measure and connect. We collaborate with our customers to accelerate the pace of innovation and create breakthrough solutions that are ahead of what’s possible.

Mitsubishi UFJ Japan Venture Capital

Mitsubishi UFJ Japan offer sound support to venture entrepreneurs seeking growth with know-how accumulated and network developed over many years of involvement in the business and utilizing the strength of our presence in the field.

Venture Lab, Japan

Venture Labo Investment has made investments by focusing on robot technologies, medical technologies, bio-technologies, and high-end manufacturing.