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molecular analysis

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In the chain of oil and natural gas custody transfer, companies find themselves in the boots of the buyer and the seller — and in both scenarios, knowing the product composition is key. Atonarp’s groundbreaking precision mass spectrometry technology offers real time, quantitative measurement of gas compositions so you know exactly what you are getting with molecular clarity. Eliminating the need for additional carrier or combustible FID gases, the Atonarp Mass Spectrometer (AMS) provides critical transactional data while minimizing any risks associated with gas tank handling, helping keep plants and people safer.

Accurate quantitative measurement of gas composition

The AMS computes a precise and accurate calorific value for all components of natural gas (Hydrocarbons up to C7, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide). Not only does it measure gas compositions with precision at the point of exchange, it communicates the values in real time to any part of the world through its cloud-based analytics software.

Measures Hydrogen and Oxygen directly

The AMS is not just a substitute for Gas Chromatography (GC) —it’s a complete game-changer. With its advanced sensor design, the AMS can measure H2 and O2 directly and precisely. The GC, on the other hand, has an FID detector that uses H2 and O2 as gas fuel to create a flame that converts hydrocarbon molecules into a carbon atom count. In addition, the GC column is not compatible for analyzing water vapour.

Lower total cost of ownership

While the initial cost of the AMS is comparable to incumbent technologies, its OPEX is significantly more cost effective. The AMS eliminates the need for expensive carrier gases like helium. Due to its intuitive and customisable User Interface, it doesn’t demand highly skilled operators. Add to that its portable form factor, fewer consumables and higher uptime, and the math makes complete sense.


Easily retrofittable with a small footprint, all in a plug-and-play corrosion resistant box.


Its unique miniature quadrupole array design allows high pressure operation with abundant ions, eliminating the need for unwieldy external pumps.


A rugged Faraday Cup allows higher detector sensitivity and stability throughout its longer operational life, as opposed to an Electron Multiplier detector.


Stay on top of operations from anywhere in the world with our highly customisable browser-based cloud-connected platform, allowing big data analysis.

From custody transfer to custody assurance: AMS bridges the gap for Oil and Natural Gas companies.

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When it comes to custody transfer in Oil and Natural Gas, quantity is directly linked to quality. The AMS with its portable size can be deployed by both buyers and sellers at the point fo exchange for instant analysis of gas compositions, on a uniform scale — assuring both parties of the precise quality of the product.