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Our purpose-built smart mass spectrometer for pharmaceutical freeze dryers enables drug production, prevents huge product losses and optimises the pharma manufacturing process. Lyophilisation, or the controlled removal of moisture from pharmaceutical compounds under vacuum conditions, is critical to the stability of the end product. The Atonarp LyoSentinel ensures that each process is performed exactly to plan.

Sharper end point detection

A premature freeze-drying endpoint detection prior to total water removal will destabilize the whole pharma batch. Instead of relying on the traditional Pirani Pressure Gauge, the LyoSentinel is designed to detect and measure the water vapor directly, enabling more accurate secondary endpoint detection. With its enhanced sensitivity to the secondary endpoint, runtimes can be optimized for significant operational savings.

Enhanced silicon oil sensitivity

Wear and tear from thermal and pressure cycles can cause silicon oil leaks inside the aseptic freeze-dryer chamber that could potentially ruin an expensive batch of pharmaceuticals. The LyoSentinel proprietary filtration system detects minuscule traces of silicon oil down to 100 ppm and protects the Mass Spectrometer hardware from degradation.

Precision vacuum leak detection

The Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge calibrated LyoSentinel monitors vacuum leaks in the freeze dryer by detecting helium. It can identify water vapor, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and silicon oil with ± 0.3% accuracy, with a limit of detection of 500 ppm for water and 100 ppm for silicon oil. Get accurate mole fractions of each gas component with the LyoSentinel advanced proprietary algorithms.


Easily retrofittable with a small footprint, all in a plug-and-play corrosion resistant box.


Its unique miniature quadrupole array design allows high pressure operation with abundant ions, eliminating the need for unwieldy external pumps.


A rugged Faraday Cup allows higher detector sensitivity and stability throughout its longer operational life, as opposed to an Electron Multiplier detector.


Stay on top of operations from anywhere in the world with our highly customisable browser-based cloud-connected platform, allowing big data analysis.

The LyoSentinel enables pharma companies to replace end-of-line and end-of process testing and inspection with efficient on-line and in-line analysis.

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Combining our expertise in quantitative mass spectrometry with IMA Life’s deep experience in lyophilisation, we have developed purpose-built, customized process analytical tools for their range of pharmaceutical freeze dyers. A true collaboration that helps their customers enhance efficiency and compliance, for safe and cost-effective drug production.