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Technology, no matter how pathbreaking, is only as good as how we apply it. At Atonarp, we are always exploring new ways to use our knowledge and technology for a brighter future. The ability to see materials in molecular detail opens up a world of exciting possibilities. We collaborate with innovators from different industries to create products that address critical problems and create efficient solutions to positively impact human lives, industry and environment.

Smart mass spectrometry for smarter process control

The Atonarp Mass Spectrometer (AMS) with its modular sensor design and miniature footprint can be easily integrated in various industrial processes to quantitatively detect gases for accurately determining the process endpoint and/or the detrimental presence of contaminant compounds.

Beyond the usual qualitative response, factory personnel can now use the accurate endpoint determination to optimize and streamline their production processes. With its intuitive Graphic User Interface and its user-friendly control software, AMS1000 requires minimal training of operators for its use. Add to it the cloud-based analytics software, and you have a system that is capable of sending real time info to all personnel in charge, irrespective of their physical locations that ultimately enables faster response times.

Optical spectroscopy for personal healthcare

Can a blood test be as simple at taking temperature at home? Can haemoglobin levels be measured without the prick of a needle? With the Atonarp Optical Spectrometer (AOS), we are finding ways to make this and much more possible.

With its state-of-the-art nonlinear optical approach that provides high sensitivity and rapid results, the AOS can probe molecules without direct contact. Using this technology, the day isn’t far when a small wearable accessory can monitor basic metabolic levels and communicates the need to see a doctor. Not only do both doctors and patients save time, the non-invasive assessment also saves the latter a painful poke.

We are constantly looking for ways to use our groundbreaking technology to support new innovations. Have an idea for its application in your industry?

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Atonarp’s AOS system complements the smart mass spectrometer and provides insight into molecular structure and geometry, bond order, molecular substituents, and hydrogen bonding. This can be a valuable tool for inspecting raw and processed material, including the concentration measurement of specific forms of molecules. This technology has broad applications in healthcare, in addition to potential applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences and more.