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Repeatable, uniform process results are important to any industry, and in the tight specifications semiconductor space, it is critical. The Atonarp Mass Spectrometer (AMS) quantitatively measures gas composition in real-time for precise process control, enabling engineers to measure the effectiveness of vital semiconductor fab and sub-fab processes — from ensuring precision of gas blending to enabling removal of harmful gases.

Efficiency analysed across the semiconductor manufacturing life cycle.

Precision front-end gas blend measurement

The AMS directly measures molecules to quantitatively assess the exact gas blend in front-end semiconductor manufacturing processes. Given its integrated and miniaturized modular sensor design that comprises the ion source, the mass filter and the Faraday cup detector, it can be integrated in the process vacuum chamber without the need for additional pumping units.

Enhanced sub-fab abatement monitoring

Strategically positioned in multiple locations across the manufacturing workflow, the AMS can measure concentration changes of multiple plasma species at endpoint. As an integral part of the abatement system, it quantitatively determines gas destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) in sub-fab abatement system to avoid over-abatement.

Accurate Etch and CVD end point detection

Compared to conventional spectroscopic methods, the AMS delivers superior end point detection and response time. With its compact size, it can be placed in multiple locations within the process chamber. Coupled with its cloud-based software system, AMS enables the fastest endpoint detection in the industry yet.

Reduced OPEX + maximised uptime

The AMS saves on consumables and enhances effective tool and time management. It monitors the health of your abatement system, enabling a predictive maintenance schedule for increased uptime. Gain from CAPEX reduction and savings on installation time via integration of our smart spectrometer into the semi process.


Easily retrofittable with a small footprint, all in a plug-and-play corrosion resistant box.


Its unique miniature quadrupole array design allows high pressure operation with abundant ions, eliminating the need for unwieldy external pumps.


A rugged Faraday Cup allows higher detector sensitivity and stability throughout its longer operational life, as opposed to an Electron Multiplier detector.


Stay on top of operations from anywhere in the world with our highly customisable browser-based cloud-connected platform, allowing big data analysis.

With sub-1% accuracy and high sensitivity, the AMS reduces your carbon footprint, and helps the semiconductor industry cut not just costs, but energy consumption.

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Compliance is non-negotiable and we understand its gravity in the semiconductor industry. Atonarp helps you stay safe and compliant with the power of molecular analysis. The AMS continuously analyses the smallest trace of gases (sub-1% accuracy and high sensitivity) to enable smart removal and neutralisation of process wastes and by-products.