Making real-time molecular information accessible and affordable


Democratizing healthcare with digital diagnostics


Plug and play molecular  metrology for semiconductor manufacturing

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We are transforming industrial and healthcare markets through digital molecular analysis.


Standalone and self-directed, requiring no additional activity or intervention.


Cloud-based and connected, enabling instantaneous collection, analysis, and conclusion.


Specific and chemically-rich information that needs no further interpretation.


Accurate identification and analysis, encompassing a broad range of compounds.

Life Sciences

Powering more affordable, accessible healthcare by enabling a move from reactive to preventive practices through digital biology.


Hardware durability, accuracy, and cloud-connected software that enables real-time optimization and unparalleled insight in pharmaceutical lyophilization and other industrial applications. 


More precise, more robust, actionable alternatives to traditional metrology solutions, designed for accuracy, stability, improved throughput, and extended maintenance cycles.

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Leading the digital revolution of molecular analysis.

Much like the invention of digital cameras to replace film, digital molecular analysis unlocks unprecedented opportunities for innovations that will transform the world.

“ATIKs customers are working on some of the most demanding and cost sensitive advanced memory processes in the semiconductor market.  The capabilities that Atonarp’s Aston product brings to those advanced memory processes is highly differentiated.  Our customers tell us that Atonarp’s metrology solutions will drive significant throughput optimizations for some of the most time-consuming aspects of the process flow.  At ATIK we are working with Atonarp, as a technology partner, to accelerate the delivery of these efficiencies to production for our customers in Korea.”

Ki Woo Hong, CEO


“Point-of-care-testing is the future for medical diagnostics, but the industry has been hampered by costly chemistry-driven panels that require large sample volumes and centrally based laboratories for processing. Atonarp’s molecular sensors scan and store an entire digital dataset from incredibly small sample amounts. This technology can support distributed point-of-care diagnostics, which is critical to achieving predictive and proactive healthcare practices, in turn, leading to better diagnoses, treatment, and outcomes for patients.”

Phyllis Gardner

Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

“Atonarp is at the forefront of revolutionizing real-time process control by giving users access to more reliable and more detailed metrology data than they’ve ever had before. With new materials being introduced into semiconductor processes every day, this greater level of insight could be the difference between delivering that next-generation chip or not”

Bud Richard, CEO - Banner Industries

Banner Industries

“Freeze-drying today requires advanced process control. Atonarp’s innovative molecular sensors for lyophilization are built into IMAs Quantum PAT lyophilization solution and provide actionable, real-time data with molecular precision. Atonarp’s molecular sensors as part of Quantum provide comprehensive solutions for Lyo process optimization including high sensitivity for accurate secondary drying end point detection, trace contaminant and vacuum leakage detection. Atonarp’s products are autonomous, software-configurable, Ethernet connected mass spectrometry solutions and augment IMA Life’s in-depth knowledge of the lyophilization process.”

Ernesto Renzi, President, Sales & Marketing IMA Life North America

Ima Life US
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