1/5th the size of the traditional Mass Spectrometer. A modular plug and play box that fits anywhere.


With 9 parallel quadrupole filters, a rugged Faraday cup, 6+ decades of dynamic range and internal vacuum pumps.


Quantitative molecular measurements with >99% accuracy at ppm level concentrations.


Operates at ~3 orders of magnitude higher pressure than the average Mass Spectrometer.


Pioneering cloud-based real-time gas detection. So you are empowered from anywhere in the world.

At Atonarp, we have created the industry’s smallest, smartest, cloud-connected, plug-and-play molecular cameras that quantitatively analyse chemical processes in real time with unprecedented detail.

Engineered in Tokyo and Silicon Valley (US & India), our disruptive solutions will revolutionise the way the world senses, collects, processes and interprets molecular data.

Leading a giant leap in molecular analysis

Consistently focused on breakthroughs in miniaturization, artificial intelligence, vacuum science and optics, Atonarp has developed a pioneering technology platform for quantitative molecular analysis, diagnostics and imaging.

Our Technology


Our patented smart mass spectrometry technology enables powerful process analytical solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Process Control, and soon, the Healthcare industries.

Enabling the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies detect batch contamination.

Our revolutionary Smart Spectrometer is a powerful process analytical tool that saves pharmaceutical companies huge costs by identifying potential silicon oil and vacuum leaks and precisely detecting critical drying end-points.

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Helping semiconductor manufacturing reduce its carbon footprint.

Atonarp’s quantitative Smart Spectrometer detects the smallest traces of harmful gases, making sure Abatement and Vacuum systems are performing on point and helping companies stay compliant.

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Inventing the future in molecular detail.

We are always looking to collaborate with researchers and engineers for innovation. Atonarp’s revolutionary technology can transform the future in a range of industries – from no-hassle, non-invasive diagnostics in healthcare to security checks in airports. The future is molecular!

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Partnering with the world’s leader in aseptic, freeze-drying solutions

We have built a powerful, purpose-built miniaturised mass spectrometer for an entire range of freeze dryers, helping IMA Life stay compliant in the changing regulatory landscape and ahead of their competition. Coupled to the new lyo system installations and retrofitted to the deployed base, it offers all IMA Life’s customers the unrivalled edge of real time process analysis in incredible detail.