Unlocking Molecular Insights

Our mission

Unlocking molecular insights to accelerate human progress

Our Vision

Atonarp works at the intersection of emerging digital technology and molecular sciences to unlock insights that improve our quality of life and advance our understanding of the world.

Our Team Values

Customer first

We prioritize customer needs and quality above all else.


We are one team, on a mission to unlock molecular insights.


We lead from every seat and value ideas over hierarchy.


We do what we say and take ownership. 


We work quickly and efficiently, with a shared passion to deliver excellence in everything we do.


We are thoughtful, compassionate and kind. We leave ego at the door, acting with patience and courtesy.

our history

Founded in 2009, the Atonarp team collaborates across locations in Japan, India, and the United States. The Company is led by a world-class team of experts in the development and commercialization of analytical instruments and medical devices.

Today, we are in an exciting growth phase. We are expanding development of our technology platforms, teams, and partner ecosystems, with a goal of commercializing a portfolio of products that optimize processes for our customers.

The Inspiration Behind Our Name

is the sun god. From ancient mythology, Aton is the enabling source of flourishing life and pursuit of enlightenment. We embrace the powerful lens of insight at the core of our vision.

is Atomic Regression analysis Platform. It reflects our unique approach to molecular profiling, merging fundamental physics with digital technologies.

These two ideas encapsulate our mission and describe our unique team. We are focused on using technology to advance knowledge at the molecular level to benefit all.

Quality Policy

Atonarp is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective diagnostic products and solutions and superb service to our customers. We are committed to meet or exceed our internal and external quality and regulatory requirements.  We commit to continuous improvement principles to update our products, solutions, and services, through our effective Quality Management System, as technology, market, and customer needs evolve.

Atonarp Executive Management commits to implementing and communicating this Quality Policy and Company Quality Objectives throughout the organization so that all employees understand and fulfill the commitments made in them.

Atonarp Sustainability Position

Approximately 80% of a semiconductor device's lifetime carbon footprint occurs during manufacturing.  Atonarp is a leader in helping semiconductor FABs identify and reduce the materials being used in manufacturing.  By using less material initially, less waste needs to be managed to result in a more sustainable silicon manufacturing solution.

Sustainability at Atonarp goes beyond helping our customers and is a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint with a net-zero carbon goal by 2030. Below are some of the initiatives we are undertaking to do our part.

Atonarp is committed to the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions and has a goal of NET Zero emissions by 2030.

Reduce carbon footprint from direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions
Use of renewable power and heating and cooling energy sources
Telecommuting to reduce commuting by car
Encouraging our suppliers to minimize manufacturing process emissions
Select efficient shipping solutions including consolidated and low emissions solutions
Minimizing business travel or offset emissions were possible
Waste Management (reduce, reuse or recycle)
Minimize manufacturing consumables
Minimize water consumption
Recycle waste solvents, waste oil, waste acids, and caustics and expired products
Minimize contaminated waste such as batteries, electrical scrap, hazardous medical waste, fluorescent lamps, contaminated material
Recycle office waste such as glass, wood, kitchen waste, paper and cardboard, toners and ink cartridges and metals