Unlocking Molecular Insights


Atonarp is advancing semiconductor metrology, industrial process control, and in vitro diagnostics through digital molecular profiling.

We are innovating next-generation mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy platforms. Both platforms offer specialized instruments tailored to solve molecular sensing and analysis needs across a wide range of industries.

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Semiconductor Process Control

ASTON Impact and ASTON Plasma are robust, high speed, high-sensitivity mass spectrometers that can withstand the harsh, corrosive gas environments required for advanced semiconductor in-situ process control. They deliver actionable, quantitative data needed to optimize processes and improve yield.

Select Application Areas:

  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) :
    Speed with sensitivity to optimize throughput and safety management
  • Etch / ALE endpoint
    Sensitivity for dielectric and metal etch endpoint detection to 0.3% Open Area (OA)
  • Chamber management
    Clean endpoints, safety, chamber matching, and profiling
  • Sub FAB management
    Baseline/POR comparison with 1% variation
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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

ASTON LyoSentinel is an advanced mass spectrometer solution for lyophilization, specialty coating, and surface treatments. Sampling is protected by the inlet filtration system, while sensitivity to detect contaminants is preserved. It is durable, accurate, cost-effective, and easy to use.

Application Areas:

  • Measures residual water endpoints to optimize cake formation and drying endpoint in the lyophilization process
  • Detects trace KT5/silicone oil contamination to minimize yield loss
  • Detects in-line vacuum leaks to reduce time to “production-ready” for the next batch.
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Oil and Natural Gas

The ASTON Platform enables in-situ mass spectrometry, allowing for rapid, quantitative gas analysis for midstream gas analysis and transfer of custody without the expense of legacy gas chromatography/mass spectrometry solutions.

Application Areas:

  • High-Performance
    A unique combination of real-time process control observability, with quantitative data, and parts per billion sensitivity
  • Compact
    A self-contained instrument that eliminates the need for specialized tools and technicians– all at one-third the size of legacy GC/MS solutions
  • Plug-and-Play
    Integrates into any process tool or equipment control system via built-in high-speed interfaces, including intuitive software and a variety of industry-standard protocol options industry-standard protocol options
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Food Safety

The ASTON Platform enables gas analysis of multiple storage rooms, for high sensitivity Dynamic Atmosphere Control or monitoring organic fruits and vegetables.

  • Allows for precise atmosphere control for organic produce to extend storage period
  • Plasma ‘soft’ ionization of larger molecules gives greater visibility of volatile organic compounds
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In Vitro Diagnostics

The ATON System uses optical spectroscopy to identify unique molecular signatures. Advanced lasers excite the molecules in the sample, sensors detect molecular signatures from scattered light and the software reports the concentrations of each target in the test panel. Real-time results inform personalized treatment decisions for better outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced costs.

Application Areas:

  • Dialysis Centers
    Measure uremic toxins to monitor dialysis adequacy
  • Clinics
    Measure biomarkers of metabolism and wellness
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Life Science Research

The ASTON mass spectrometry platform and ATON multi-laser optical spectroscopy platform can be used in a variety of applications to advance life science research.

  • Optimize cell culture for cell therapy, gene therapy and monoclonal antibodies production
  • Check purity of raw materials or formulation of finished pharmaceutical products
  • Enable biomarker discovery
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