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Psi is an intelligent pressure controller developed by ATIK for use with Atonarp’s Aston, a compact mass spectrometer. The combined solution has recently been purchased by Samsung after passing a detailed, multi-month technical feasibility evaluation for an advanced lithography application.

The ATIK Psi intelligent pressure controller provides the Atonarp Aston Mass spectrometer with a consistent pressure input, insulating Aston from rapid chamber pressure fluctuations. Atonarp’s Aston affords customers significant benefits via a unique combination of plasma and electron impact ionization sources as well as a self-cleaning capability. These features enable Aston to operate effectively in the most challenging semiconductor process environments.

ATIK is performing various analytical and optimization evaluations at Samsung and SK Hynix with the combined Psi and Aston solution, many of which are expected to go to volume production in the coming 12 months.

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