Behind the specs

Keitaro Okada
Vice President, Commercial Operations APAC

Okada-san joined Atonarp in October 2021. He reports to Shubneesh Batra and works at the Tokyo, Japan office.

Please tell us a little bit about your role.

Recently, Atonarp has been evolving from R&D company to Commercial company. Under these circumstances, we are starting to establish efficient and highly skilled teams. For Sales, we have just launched ASTON Impact, with major focus in the semiconductor industry. Geographically, APAC has more than 50% of semiconductor fabs, including the top three memory companies plus the largest foundry company and many large to small sized semiconductor companies. We are covering those customers with direct and indirect via distribution partners in this region.

For the Operations, we use several contract manufacturers for the production or subcomponents and final assembly of the unit. I am responsible for purchasing key components and manufacturing planning. However, raw materials (especially semiconductor chip products) have been plagued by supply chain shortages, mostly caused by the pandemic. It is difficult to purchase on schedule, so we need to look to alternate suppliers and other creative solutions to maintain our production schedule. Once product is ready for shipping, then logistics arrangements including receiving Export License is very important process in timely manner.


Please share a bit about background.

After graduating from Nihon University with a bachelor’s degree in law, I joined the Japanese electrical component and semiconductor distributor, Unidux, Inc. who was small size venture-backed company started in in 1989. Unidux has done several mergers and acquisitions and successfully completed their IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Same as company growth, I extended my career from international trading, sales &marketing and operations. In 2011, Unidux was acquired by Avnet, Inc. and became a part of Avnet Japan. At that point, I learned the way of running business as NYSE listing company, with more focus on return on investment and cash flow. In 2014, I joined Okaya Electronics Corp., who is the No.1distributor of Intel in Japan. Among those three companies, I have experience as VP of Sales and board members.

 In 2010, I passed US CPA exam and registered to the license at Washington State in 2020.


What drew you to join Atonarp?

Through my working experience, I know I like venture companies with agility. Also, thinking about the upcoming market, both Semiconductor industry and Healthcare industry are promising. Atonarp is established in Japan, but working globally with US and India team is very attractive to me, too. The Company has excellent leadership, disruptive products and great teammates. It was an easy decision to join.

What qualities does a person in your position need to possess?
  • Enjoy listening, learning
  • Optimistic and active
  • Good at numbers and English


What guides your team management?

Establish trusting partnership with team members. I respect their skill set and responsibility and work together to move forward. Think together with necessary skill and work to contribute company’s success.


What do you like to do in your free time?
  • I like traveling both domestic and abroad. Meet people, seethe place, EAT AND DRINK!  
  • And to metabolize eat and drink, I walk and jog at Zenpukuji park near my house at weekend, and love to play golf (whatever the score is).
  • Play golf with my identical twin sons
  • Opus one!