At ATONARP, we are on a mission to transform industrial and healthcare markets through next-generation molecular profiling. 

Learn more and apply below if you are interested in joining a team passionate about advancing the pursuit of molecular knowledge to the benefit of all. 

Why join atonarp

Rewarding Growth & Meaningful Impact

We believe advancements in our ability to identify, analyze, and act upon real-time molecular insights have the potential to drastically improve outcomes for numerous industries and human health.

Today, ATONARP is at an exciting growth phase as we expand development of the technology, teams, and partner ecosystems that will help bring to market an array of industry-redefining products.

We are a highly integrated, interdisciplinary global team, bringing together diverse professionals united around the desire to make a genuine difference in the world. We seek team members who are passionate about delighting our customers, working collaboratively across teams, and bringing a leadership mindset no matter their role. 

Learn more below about the values that drive our team.

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Our Team Values


We prioritize customer needs above all else. 


We are one team, on a mission to unlock molecular insights. 


We lead from every seat and value ideas over hierarchy.


We do what we say and take ownership. 


We get things done, driven by a shared passion to win. 


We leave ego at the door, acting with patience and courtesy. 

Why join atonarp

Employee Perks & Benefits

We are committed to ensuring team members share in our collective success as a company, offering competitive benefits and compensation. 

• Employee Stock Options Program
• Generous 401k Program 
• 100% Health, Dental, and Vision Coverage
• Referral Bonus Program
• Flexible Working Environment
• Professional Development Opportunities

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Meet the Team

"I joined Atonarp to take on the challenge of new product development that can have immediate, real-world use to improve patient treatment. We have very ambitious goals and that of course brings challenges. Fortunately, the team here has a can-do attitude and we work together to find solutions."

Fahmida Ferdous
Director, Optical System R&D

“I believe the commitment and camaraderie of our team are one of Atonarp’s strongest assets. We have a hard-working and dedicated team across the globe that supports each other, and cares for one another like a family. We share a passion for our vision as a company, as well as going above and beyond to serve our customers.”

Franklin Wang
Director, Optical Manufacturing

“The importance of the work and quality of the team at Atonarp are hugely motivating to me. We all have a chance to contribute here–when my work helps the team to achieve a goal, it’s very rewarding.”

Siva Selvaraj
Principal Hardware Engineer

“The work at Atonarp always challenges you. It feels good to be able to see a vision come to life and be part of a growing company with various products that go from initial concept design to manufacturing. The team at Atonarp is one of the most dedicated and amazing teams I have seen in my career.”

Younes Shabany
VP, US Operations

“We all have a seat at the table at Atonarp and constructive ideas are encouraged from anywhere on the team. Our success depends upon each and every one of us speaking up and leaning in."

Shaun Holt
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