Pioneering Digital Molecular Analysis

Combining inventions and innovation into technology solutions that are disrupting industrial and healthcare markets. 

Smart Software

Our software platform powers all of our solutions providing the data needed to identify and assess a huge array of compounds. Cloud-based and utilizing deep machine learning and AI, our software provides both the data and intelligent analysis required to generate accurate, anytime, anyplace molecular information. 

Optical Spectrometer (ATON-360)

Our nonlinear optical spectroscopy solution takes snapshots of the molecular structures and determines the type and quantity of analytes present in a sample without the need for labs or any traditional wet chemistry methods.

Mass Spectrometer (AMS)

Our proprietary miniature molecular sensor delivers highly accurate measurements due to its innovative electronics and signal processing capability performing quantitative molecular scans in less than 10mS, allowing for real-time analysis and results. 

Our Products

Building on our break through technologies for sensing and understanding molecular information, our team of experts is innovating new solutions across the life sciences, semiconductor manufacturing, and industrial process control. 



Our optical spectroscopy molecular sensor solution.  From online patient monitoring to in-vitro diagnostics to biology ATON-360 can detect and quantify a range of targeted molecules from just a drop of fluid in a few seconds.



Our real-time process control solution for semiconductor applications is the ultimate solution for CVD, ALD, Etch, ALE and chamber matching in high volume manufacturing environments.



Our pharmaceutical process control solution using quantitative real-time miniaturized molecular sensor and silicon oil protection module for lyophilization (Lyo) process gas detection.



Atonarp’s smallest process control solution built using our quantitative real-time miniaturized molecular sensor for use in semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. 

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