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Chip shortages are making daily headlines but how do you quickly ramp new capacity to production?

CopyExactly! was a technique pioneered by Intel Corporation 20 yrs ago to reduce risk and quickly ramp new production. However, as processes have advanced so the techniques and metrology to support CopyExactly! need to advance also.

Aston from #atonarp is driving the digital transformation of molecular diagnostics, a key technology for in-situ real-time molecular profiling of semiconductor processes for CopyExactly! of advanced process nodes.

Molecular profiling allows for precise process matching to a gold standard process and processing chamber. This allows for first and second order processing variables such as subtle differences in equipment (chamber seasoning or aging), sensors variation, small differences in temperature, gas flow and processing pressure to be identified, controlled and mitigated - at the molecular level, in real-time. Learn more:

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ASTON from Atonarp for #semiconductor CopyExactly! applications

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