Webinar | Introduction to ASTON: The Advanced Molecular Sensor for Semiconductor Metrology

July 30, 2021

In this webinar, ATONARP shares in detail how Aston achieves improvements in fab throughput, as well as in-situ metrology solutions for advanced CVD and etch applications. The presentation details Aston's ability to respond to metrology challenges and compare Aston's robust in-situ molecular sensor technology (including an integrated plasma ionization source) with existing legacy metrology solutions. Learn more and access additional resources at http://atonarp.com/aston.

The webinar discussion is led by Saïd Boumsellek, PhD, Sr. Director, Instrumentation & Applications at Atonarp. Saïd holds a PhD in Physics, and has authored over 32 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and 40+ patents in the areas of ionization sources and chemical analysis technologies.

The webinar is hosted by SemiWiki.

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