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Webinar | Introduction to ASTON: The Advanced Molecular Sensor for Semiconductor Metrology

Published on
July 30, 2021
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In this webinar, ATONARP shares in detail how Aston achieves improvements in fab throughput, as well as in-situ metrology solutions for advanced CVD and etch applications. The presentation details Aston's ability to respond to metrology challenges and compare Aston's robust in-situ molecular sensor technology (including an integrated plasma ionization source) with existing legacy metrology solutions. Learn more and access additional resources at

The webinar discussion is led by Saïd Boumsellek, PhD, Sr. Director, Instrumentation & Applications at Atonarp. Saïd holds a PhD in Physics, and has authored over 32 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and 40+ patents in the areas of ionization sources and chemical analysis technologies.

The webinar is hosted by SemiWiki.

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