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Podcast | Atonarp joins 2022 finalists to discuss the inaugural year of SEMI Startups for Sustainability Initiative

Published on
February 23, 2023
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In 2022, Atonarp responded to an urgent call by SEMI to startups asking for help to drive innovation in eco-friendly manufacturing.

One key area of focus is material usage and sustainability, which included alternative chemistries for wafer processing, materials recycling, and waste stream abatement. These areas aligned perfectly with Atonarp’s vision to deliver a semiconductor metrology sensor for active, in-situ chemical monitoring.

We were honored to be selected as a finalist in the inaugural year of the SEMI Startups for Sustainability Initiative, which included a featured presentation at Semicon 2022. This month, we joined 3D InCites, SEMI, and two other startup finalists to discuss last years’ experience and to encourage other startups to begin the same journey in 2023.

Listen to the discussion podcast here:

Background Note: The SEMI startups initiative is a direct result of a broader global call to action in 2021, when major global chipmakers in conjunction with the Semi global industry association identified five key intervention points to help shrink the industry’s carbon footprint. One of these interventions is stated as: Reduction of process greenhouse gas emissions – increased abatement, reducing gas usage and leakage.

You can read more about Atonarp’s products and efforts at our resource library

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